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In regards to moving a piano around the Greater Seattle area, you need to select the best Seattle piano moving company. Their services are highly valued and can be of great assistance when you need to move your piano in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Tacoma or Redmond. Apart from being expensive, pianos are delicate and need careful handling. Thus a lot of care is required to move a grand piano between locations and it is important to have the help of expert piano movers.

A simple piano can cost you around two thousand dollars, while a Steinway can cost you nearly eight thousand dollars. Now you understand how careful you need to be when moving a piano and why you need expert movers for this purpose. Your piano is not like any other piece of furniture or household accessory; it is a piece of art that needs special treatment.

If you are looking for the more experienced piano movers they will provide you with their past experiences and how customers were satisfied with their services. The charge can start from fifty dollars and can go upwards of two hundred dollars, all depending on various factors of moving. You must know that to repair any piano can cost you both, time and money. If your piano is mishandled, the tuning and finish cannot be restored to its original level. If you have a Spinet piano then you need to seek the help of the best movers who will use the best technology and equipment to complete the task. If you are looking for the professional piano movers they will cost you more but in the end, it will be worth it.

Relocating and moving from one location to another can be a difficult task if your piano is not on the first floor and the movers might need to make use of the stairs. If there is not enough room they might try to shift the piano and carry it in an upright manner all the way down. Any individual who does not possess this experience will not take care of these points and shifting the piano from the staircase can become very difficult.

There are many high rise building in which pianos are shifted with the help of elevators. If you try this yourself and are not successful, you might damage the piano and it will cost you a lot more money to get it repaired. So why not choose the experienced piano movers and let them handle the matter. The chances of various risks and unwanted accidents will reduce greatly as the experts know what they are doing and will take care of your fragile piece of art.

Now you know that you should seek the help of an expert piano mover, how can you find one is the next question. The easiest way to find an expert is to do a web search according to the area in which you reside and where you want the piano relocated to. An experienced Seattle piano mover will follow a special procedure through which they will pack and then load your piano, ready to be moved to its new location. Basically, it is a technical procedure which you cannot handle in the best possible manner.

There are several different categories of pianos, each requiring different special techniques to pack, move, and unload them. Grand pianos and spinets are the most difficult to move, as they are un-assembled in the first phase, then covered in special blankets and then the main structure is placed carefully and loaded into the moving van. Later the movers will attend any type of stair, elevators, or steps that may come in their way and manage to deliver your piano in the best state. Pianos are quite heavy and you should leave this task to the professionals, who are working legally and have a license to move pianos.

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