Hello and Welcome to BBQ4Wounded

Do you wonder why people crave chicken noodle soup when they’re sick, how about fried chicken like mom served, and the cookies grandma made? It’s because those comfort foods remind people of happier days by evoking positive memories.

Comfort food makes us feel happy psychologically as opposed to physiologically. When we eat comfort food, we tap into good memories, conjuring up birthdays by eating chocolate cake or our mom’s Sunday dinners by making her lasagna. Because they’re linked to memories, comfort foods vary for each person. Since 51% of our military is from, or has lived in the south and an additional 30% has eaten BBQ.

This is why BBQ4Wounded Troops Overseas, Inc exists. We have the privilege to help unlock these memories and expectantly hasten the recovery of our wounded troops.

“I have seen firsthand the healing effect these Barbecues have on our Wounded Warriors”— ROBERT B BAILEY, Major General, USAF

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