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Whether you are purchasing a piano for the first time, upgrading your current piano, or moving from one house to another it be very challenging to find a good mover who can move your piano safely and at a reasonable cost. When you own specialty equipment items such as pianos, sometimes very old, expensive, and for some of you your piano is family heirloom, it can all add up to stress. You should consider several factors about moving your piano before hiring the services of a Piano Mover in Seattle.

Why Use A Professional Piano Mover?

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If you are bought a piano, or are upgrading to a nicer piano, but you aren’t moving, using a Specialty Piano Mover is for sure the right choice. Professional Piano Movers are much more economical than a large traditional Moving Van type company, who have a larger minimum move rate. Smaller independent moving companies may be able to move your piano, but they are more than likely untrained on the proper techniques required to safely transport your piano. A Professional Piano Mover has exactly the right equipment, the knowledge, and skill to move your piano safely!
If you are considering using a general mover to move all of your household items, you may think that having them also move your piano as well. There are several reasons why this may not always be the right decision. Firstly, a general household mover may have professional training on how to move furniture safely but movers require special skills sets in order to move pianos safely. Untrained movers can damage pianos and lead to high cost repairs for owners. Even the slightest mishandling can cost you a retune.

The size of most pianos is the main challenge of moving. An average upright piano weighs up to 900 pounds while grand pianos normally weigh between 700 and 1,300 hundred pounds. Since most house moves involve moving items through narrow doors and or narrow staircases, moving large items such as pianos under these conditions can be extremely risky. However, a professional piano mover can minimize this risk significantly ensure by taking measures such as dismantling the piano before moving it and re-assembling it in your new home. In view of this, it is important to ensure that the piano moving company you choose has well trained professional piano movers who can provide reliable and efficient services.

Unfortunately, not all professional piano movers offer the same level and quality of service. It is therefore important to go a step further and ensure that the moving company you choose has the necessary equipment to facilitate a safe piano move. Different piano movers also have varied levels of experience and reliability. In order to choose the best professional piano moving company, you can conduct a background check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if past customers have lodged poor service complaints against the company you intend to hire. If possible, also ensure that the moving company you choose has an insurance cover against any piano damages caused by their personnel during the moving process.

What Is The Correct Procedure For Moving Pianos?

Once you hire a professional piano mover, the mover can send between three and six well-trained personnel to facilitate the move depending on the size and weight of the piano as well as the moving conditions such as narrow staircases. Professional piano movers must have specialized piano moving tools such as moving ramps and piano skids. Before moving the piano, a professional piano mover should be able to assess the moving conditions and let you know if there is a risk of damaging the piano.

If such a risk exists, the movers should give you a detailed explanation of the techniques and safety precautions they intend to use in order to minimize the risk. If such precautions include dismantling parts of the piano, your authorization is required especially if such a procedure is in violation of your piano warranty. Once the movers move the piano out of the house and into the moving van, they should secure the piano properly in order to promote safety during transport. Overall, the procedure for piano moving used by professional should reduce the risk of damage to your piano significantly.

Why You Should Use an Insured Piano Mover

Unfortunately, not all piano movers are properly insured. Therefore, if an uninsured mover or a mover that does not have adequate insurance coverage damages your piano while moving it, you will have to pay for its repair costs out-of-pocket. To avoid such a situation, make inquiries about the insurance status of a moving company before you hire the company. If a piano moving company indicates that its insurance policy will adequately protect your piano during the move, ensure that it gives you a bill of landing document that indicates its insurance terms. In most cases, professional and reputable piano moving companies cover the full cost of repairs needed if pianos are damages during a moving process.

What Is The Cost Of Moving A Piano?

Most professional piano movers use two main criteria to determine the amount to bill a client. The first one is hourly rate billing and the second method is flat rate billing. Movers that use the first method typically estimate the minimum number of hours that it will take their movers to complete the piano move. In the latter method, piano movers determine the total cost of moving a piano based on the combination of the following factors:

• Type and size of the piano- is it a grand or upright piano?

• The distance covered during the moving process.

• Difficulty level of the moving process (mainly determined by the number of staircase levels that the movers have to navigate).


Overall, moving a piano using a professional moving company is probably the best way to ensure that your moving process is stress-free. Admittedly, such companies charge higher moving costs compared to general movers. However, any reasonably higher moving costs are worth it if you want to eliminate or reduce the risk of damage to you your piano.

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