Tuning and Caring for your Piano

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Many musicians dream of having a piano but not all can afford to have one. There are some who are fortunate enough to have one given to them as inheritance since most branded pianos can last for years. Pianos can last for a long time through proper care and maintenance. Just like other musical instruments, it is important to keep pianos safe from external and internal damage to make it last. If you are planning to get a piano or if you already have one, here are some piano care tips that you can keep in mind.Keeping your piano in tune is important. Some people think that pianos do not need tuning but the truth is, they also need to be checked from time to time despite the fact that they can stay in tune for many years. There are professionals that offer piano tuning services as it can be difficult for most owners to tune their own pianos. Experts recommend that pianos should be tuned at least once or twice a year for a crisp sound.

Piano Cleaning

Your piano may look sturdy enough to stand the test of time but it also needs cleaning inside and out. On the other hand, cleaning your piano is not the same as cleaning your desk. There are special things that you need to consider to ensure that you keep it free from scratches and dents. Instead of using paper towels, use a soft cloth or a chamois since most pianos have a smooth finish. This will prevent your piano from having visible marks after wiping it. If you want to keep your piano shiny all the time, make sure that you spray polish on the soft cloth and not directly on the piano’s surface. After spraying polish on the cloth, you can then wipe the piano surface with it until you have coated all surfaces.

When to Consult a Piano Technician

You can consult a piano technician whenever you need piano care. Whether you need your piano to be cleaned, moved or tuned, you can consult a professional to make sure that your piano stays in good condition. Piano technicians are specially trained to provide proper piano care thus they can save you time and headaches no matter how major or minor your piano concerns can be.

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