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Purchasing a new piano

Buying a new or used piano is an investment for the future. By researching your options carefully, you will make wise decisions on the used piano you buy. Equally as important is finding a professional piano mover to get your recently purchased piano home safe and sound. A qualified piano moving company will ensure your product is transported securely so you can enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

Pianos come in a variety of types to include player, upright, spinet and grand piano. Under the grand piano category you have a choice of petite grand, baby grand, parlor grand and medium grand. Used pianos can be bought both locally and online on such websites as Craig’s List or eBay. A piano’s value can be determined by researching its brand, model, date of manufacture and serial number. This can prepare you in advance for what price you should pay.

Used Piano for Sale

The following offers three tips to help you make better decisions on the used piano you buy.

Tip #1: Check the Piano’s Background and History

A piano’s background and history can tell you a lot about its current condition and care. Before buying, be sure to ask questions about the piano’s former owners and usage, the reason for selling, maintenance, etc. This gives you a better idea of what your piano has been through in the past. Even such details as piano moving and storage can affect the performance of your instrument.

A used piano may be attractive outwardly, but the key to quality performance will be in regular maintenance and care. If you’re not careful, you could end up with a used upright, spinet, player or grand requiring a lot of money for restoration due to lack of proper care. Pianos that are out of tune at time of purchase are risky at best. In like manner, buying a used grand, upright, spinet or player that has been maintained by non-professional technicians is also a risk as there’s no telling if the instrument has been damaged by improper maintenance and care.

It’s important for piano moving to be done by a professional piano mover when transported to a storage facility. Proper storage is also important to avoid problems with temperature changes and humidity affecting internal parts. Older models, in particular, such as upright and player pianos require special care. Player pianos are rare specimens and not easy to find.

A used player for sale may be a collector’s item well worth your investment. A piano’s user makes a difference in the piano’s care. Children can be very hard on pianos, especially when unsupervised and given free rein on the instrument. In contrast, serious pianists are much more meticulous in the instrument’s care.

Tip # 2: Thoroughly Inspect Your Piano Before Buying

Whether you’re buying a used spinet, upright, player or grand, you will need to thoroughly inspect your product inside and out for signs of misuse and wear and tear. Take special note of scratches, dents and cracks or any other sign of physical damage. Check all outer hardware to ensure there are no missing pieces and all parts are fastened securely where they belong. Make sure the piano’s casters are operable and in good shape and that your piano comes with a matching bench that is in equally good shape.

An ideal buy would be a piano that is structurally sound without cracks or scratches. Cracks, loose parts or separations in a piano’s structure reveals lack of proper care which could lead to costly future repairs. Make sure all internal parts of your piano are present and working properly. Improper piano moving can sometimes cause external or internal damage. Once you’ve found the used piano of your choice, make sure you hire a professional piano mover to transport it to your home. An experienced piano moving company will guarantee your used piano reaches its destination safely and with utmost care.

Used pianos, be they spinet, upright, player or grand, make excellent investments if you are careful in your buying. If you are not so knowledgeable about piano buying, you can always hire a technician to help you with your purchase. A professional piano technician can catch details that you may be unaware of and keep you from making costly mistakes.

When buying a used piano, take special notice of its sound. A quality piano will exude a clear and resonant sound due to adequate maintenance and care. The upright and baby grand attribute their popularity to quality sound. In contrast, the spinet is chosen more for its compact size. When testing a used piano, it’s important to play every key and listen carefully to its sound. Take note of keys that stick or play sluggishly. Check the piano’s pedals as well to ensure they are in good working order.

The best course of action is to have a professional technician with you during your inspection. A professional technician can easily distinguish the quality of the sounds and may even be able to pinpoint the cause of unclear notes. Some problems may be easily resolved with minor adjustments or replacement parts. Other problems may require major repairs. A technician can forewarn you of bad deals that could result in loss of money and time.

Tip #3: Choose a Piano According to Personal Appeal, Need and Budget

Choose the type of piano that appeals to your personal taste and needs. If you live in a small apartment, a spinet or baby grand may be better choices than larger sized upright or player pianos. You could place your spinet in a
living room corner and still have space to move around.

Another consideration is how your piano will be used and by whom. A baby grand or spinet may be more conducive for children and young teens while an older upright may better suit adults. Player (self playing) pianos are more conducive for special events or occasions.

When buying a used piano, stay within a reasonable budget. Baby grand and spinet pianos are affordable options due to their smaller size. If you can afford a larger sized upright or grand parlor piano, these have great appeal for larger living room decors.

The purchase of the used piano of your dreams is not complete without a professional piano mover for safe transport to your destination. You can rest assured your product will be safe from damage and harm when you hire an experienced professional piano mover to get the job done. Secure the future enjoyment of your piano for years to come with the services of a qualified piano mover.

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